Together with Tony Kyriakidis (Nevron), Kawish Gajadien, Arwind Gajadien and Niels Slieker, I've worked on multiple web-development projects . Ranging from simple redirects to collecting (re)targeting information, UX & UI design or just keeping the website online with thousands of visitors at the same time.

Some of my web-development skills:
  • Shopify webshop setup;
  • Mailchimp (designed newsletters, developer ticketing flows, send 200k+ e-mails, developed multiple continuously running customer journeys, collected audience data for better UX);
  • Gsuite setup & domain connections;
  • Wordpress setup & custom websites;
  • Wix custom websites;
  • DNS changes;
  • Github;
  • (Scalable server) Webhosting;
  • Dynamic data aggregation forms;
  • Open web augmented reality;
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript.